Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why "Rodent"?

Many rodents are gatherers and builders.  They build dams to create a future habitat.  Squirrels gather nuts and hide them for the next spring or perhaps winter (I am not a squirrel expert).  Like most things in life there are dangers of crossing over into the wrong territory - the rat.  Rats will pick up and eat anything and everything they can find.  They don't specialize in some activities and are opportunists.  They are impatient and full of envy.
So the essence of this blog is the way of the good rodents: the ones who plan ahead and who build their dreams without being opportunistic rats.  In the frugality world this is what separates a frugal person from a miser.  The way of the beaver is not about deprivation and exploitation of others.  It is about persistent work, thrift, and sharing with others.

PS: As an aside when I was in middle school in the US I had to take a home economics class.  One of the projects was the dreaded sewing of stuffed animals.  Picking the lesser evil I chose to sew the smallest thing possible aside from a little ball which the teacher would not let me: a little baby beaver.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Honoring Reagan's 100th Birthday

From the mainstream media a good article about today's significance:

On behalf of all freedom loving Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, and all other nations freed from the tyranny of communism I say thank you President Reagan for all you have done so that I can write this without censorship.  I am also thankful that many of my western American friends have the wisdom to imagine a world with rationed food supplies and long lines to empty stores.  The "free" healthcare I remember included a dentist scolding me, a small kid in Poland, for "salivating too much".  Among doctors and nurses there were many good people but the system was very broken.

Thank you again President Reagan!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Rodent's Corner

Rodent's corner is my first blog ever.  I have been on the internets for quite a while and started out with programs like telnet, gopher and ftp.  What will this blog be about?  I don't know - it's my first blog ever.  I have a lot to say and you can be the judge of whether I have anything interesting to say.  One thing I promise is that I will keep it real.  Why do I keep it real?  I'm stupid and naive by nature.  Let the blogging begin!